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Shandong Gold Diamond Nano Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a production technology-oriented enterprise that is jointly established by Shandong Goldensun Zirconium Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Xuyang Grinding Technology Co., Ltd. Our company specializes in the ultrafine separation and purification of nano-grade polymer mineral materials as well as various metal and nonmetal ores in the research of high-performance abrasive media.

Shandong Goldensun Zirconium Co., Ltd., the largest Chinese manufacturing enterprise for zirconium silicate, has 26 years’ experience in production and practice and has drafted the national industrial standard on superfine zirconium silicate. Now it has reached the world’s leading level in the research and production of zirconium silicate. At the same time, Goldensun has accumulated rich experience and technology on the preparation for ultrafine nano powder.

Jiangsu Xuyang Grinding Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that is the earliest in the research of ultrafine hard-wearing microsphere that is targeted at the application of different minerals. The ceramic microbead and other abrasive media are first-ever in China. Mr. Li Xichun, founder of Xuyang, is the vice-chairman of China Non-Metallic Minerals Industry Association and the member of the expert group of Specialized Committee for Mineral Processing and Utilization Technology under China Non-Metallic Minerals Industry Association. Li has offered guidance on production technology and carried out survey on and communication with dozens of countries. Mr. Li Xichun has been carrying out production and research on abrasive medium for over 30 years and has rich experience in optimization of ultra-fine technology and in cutting down comprehensive cost.

To achieve more development in the ultrafine industry, the two companies make joint effort by relying on the powerful financial strength and cutting-edge technology of both companies as well as advanced production equipment and high-end technical talents. They commit to providing more wear-resisting and excellent grinding medium to China’s ultra-fine mineral deep processing industry so as to serve enterprises in a more satisfactory way. Subordinate to the Experiment Center on Superfine Grinding of Minerals under China Non-Metallic Materials Industry Association, our company is equipped with various testing machines and testing equipment, and can provide customers with the best solutions on mineral superfine grinding and the plan and suggestions on improvement of production process.

You are welcome to come to visit our company for the communication and development of ultra-fine grinding technology. Gold Diamond is bound to offer you the best solution on your ultra-fine grinding career and to offer the best service and more excellent products to the industry.