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Zirconium Silicate Bead

Zirconium Silicate Bead

Product description

The zirconium silicate bead is manufactured by the process of molding in electrolyte and high-temperature roasting. The beads are formed by

uniform and dense zirconium silicate grains,and defective beads of cavity beads,tail beads, snowman beads, etc. are refused. Due to excellent

sphericity and medium- and high-class density of beads, the grinding efficiency is improved and the abrasion of equipment is lowered.



High strength: Compact crystalline phase structure → low abrasion;

High density: Special formula → high specific gravity → high efficiency;

High sphericity: 86% sphericity → good fluidity of materials — big product flow rate;

Solid bead: No cavity → difficultly broken; convenient color change;

Smooth surface: Polished surface → convenient cleaning; low abrasion of equipment;

Uniform particle size: Deviation 0.2mm → low internal friction of beads; narrow distribution of particle size of materials.


Application Fields

The zirconium silicate bead is suitable for dry method and wet method dispersion and grinding of minerals such as zirconium silicate, silicon oxide

and kaoline in large-sized ball mills (rolling mills and stirring mills) and vibration mills.

The zirconium silicate bead is suitable for dispersion and grinding of minerals with medium and high viscosity and hardness (carbon black,

phthalocyanin, ferric oxide pigments, kaoline. etc.) in sand mills with high energy density input.


Zirconium Silicate Bead


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