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Titanium Concentrate

Titanium Concentrate

Product description

Goldensun Zirconium Industry


Titanium Concentrate

The titanium concentrate generally refers to ilmenite and can be divided into two types, namely rock and placer according to the cause of formation.

The titanium concentrates in rocks often coexist with magnetite and vanadium titano-magnetite, and the titanium concentrates in placers often

coexist with zircon sand, rutile. monazite, etc. Our company mainly sells placer products. The placers belong to secondary ores and are formed by

erosion, weathering, river impact and deposition of rocks for many years, and the placers have a loose structure and are high in grade, and the TiO2

content is over 50% in general.


Application Fields

1.The deepen processing products of the titanium concentrates are titanium white powder in general, which is a kind of white pigment widely used in modern industry. The titanium white powder is widely applied to industries of coatings, plastics, printing ink and paper making, and in addition,

it is also applied to fields of cosmetics, chemical fiber, electronics, ceramics, enamel, welding rods, alloy, glass ,etc.

2.The titanium concentrates are used for producing titanium metal and are an additive of titanium alloy. The titanium and titanium alloy are

necessary materials for manufacturing modern supersonic air-crafts, rockets, missiles and space shuttles.

3.The titanium concentrates are used for production of artificial rutile and high-titaniiini slag, manufacturing of welding materials, chemical

industries, etc.

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